Its been a long time since I've posted. Here's the party video I put together, sorry for the auto-play but I'm trying something out.



WIth Happy Hour @ FTR and All Open Weekends @ FTR a lot of stuff goes down here at the Kompound.

Here is one weekday night from happy hour to the witches hour...


Pacific Drive's Take Back The Alley 2

Last weekend was one of my favorite events that goes down in my town- Pacific Drive's "Take Back The Alley" [TBA]. It's basically a block party with a miniramp jam. With good people throwing TBA and good skaters entering the jam, it has turned out to be a great day two years running.

Here is the edit of what I saw...

I'm no filmer I'm just a blogger, but I did have fun putting that together. Here are some photos I took with my fake iPhone

TBA is so much fun to watch and attend I guess everyone decided they needed to show the world with a video of the event. The first to get their video of TBA out was The Skateboard Mag, I believe they beat Shockus by 30 minutes.

I guess The Mag and Vans had some sort of involvement in TBA, here are some Photos from Vans' Flickr

Pacific Drive X Vans Take Back the Alley 2 Mini Ramp Contest
Pacific Drive X Vans Take Back the Alley 2 Mini Ramp Contest
Pacific Drive X Vans Take Back the Alley 2 Mini Ramp Contest

Here's Networks take...

Our buddy Joey from Paying In Pain was there taking photos as well. Check their site for some rad ass sequences...

Here's Skateboard.tv's take...

Here are some more of my fake iPhone pics...

Before I go here is one more take from TBA. I remember seeing this guy filming with a really good camera and wondering why didn't he try to get a better shot, I felt bad having to walk in front of him. I think he's from Cleavland and he didn't want to intrude.

Knock On Wood's take...

I gave it a shot at taking some pics with the fisheye, say hi to my thumb...

Such a good time! Thanks Jim, Chris, Truck, the whole PD crew and everyone involved in getting this thing done... YOU KILLED IT!



OJ @ FTR Part II

My friends over at Network Skate.com posted a Quick 3 of the luanch ramp action that happened when the OJ team came to visit.


Happy Hour @ FTR- Return of The Fog

Happy Hour @ FTR- Return of the Fog

Featuring- Just skateboards, Animal Style & Friends


Kurt Hodge
Kevin Marquez
Doug Valdez
Cano Cardenas
Marisa Dal Santo
Jacob Sandin
Dimetrius Collins
Gabe Ryan

With music by

Carbonas- Journey To The End


Blogging From My iPod

I've been working a lot on the other blog and have been ignoring this one. So I'm gonna see what it's like to blog from a mobile device.

Starting Friday FTR will be open every night: Sunday to Friday 6pm to 9pm; and all day Saturday.

If you want to reserve time for you and your friends hit me up on Facebook and I'll see what I can do; last minute request are posable as well.

I scored this post so I'm gonna lock it down and have a best trick contest. Look for more news about that in September.


FTR on LowCard

I wanted to do a post on Snatch Park but my photos suck. I'll be there on Monday to take more shitty photos


Been Bloggin' Somewhere Else

I've been spending my time working my joe job for 40 hours a week, going to school, skating, and blogging for another blog, I haven't been able to get on the Kompound to up date. I'm gonna try to get something up here weekly.

FTR is the same way. Everyone tells me how rad the place is and how much they want to skate it yet the ramp has been pretty barren for a couple of weeks now

I have a new camera and want to use it so bad but with no one to film I've been practicing on myself... I suck

I want to do a documentary on my favorite easy bowl in the world. It's called the Holiday Bowl and here I'm working on some angles

See you next time when we discus snatch


Neal & Friends

This was on Super Bowl Sunday 2011 and my team was in the game. Once the Super Bowl came on I couldn't pay much attention to the skating. I drop in on almost every commercial break though. The Packers won so it was a great day. Check in on Kobrah and Paying In Pain to see their take on the day


What a Weekend!

Woke up late on Saturday which was GREAT! Got to Clash @ Clairmont just before the bowl comp and Agent Orange played. I convinced the door lady to give me VIP status so I could walk in and film anything. Got free veggie tacos from Bull Tacos their hot sauce is the BOMB!

I squatted by the coping trying to get a good shot for hours... my legs hate me

Got a photo of some legends just as Jay looked at my camera

I still need to edit the footy but here's  Network's  take

Saturday night FTR got killt and that will be an edit soon too.



Here is some drunken sketchy skating from yours truly. Double E filmed me with my camera, I had no idea.

Most people wouldn't have shown that. I don't care I'm I skater and I understand some days you have it and most days you don't

Sunday Started with an early sesh that got blogged

Then Slappy Sundays went off and I was working on my back feebs and front board

I'm beat! I had another epic weekend I'm hopping for 14 hours of sleep then start it all over again.